7 Habits to Embrace for a Successful 2023

As a business owner, it’s important to continuously strive for growth and improvement. One way to do this is by developing habits that will help you achieve success. Here are seven habits that every business owner should consider incorporating into their daily routine: 1. Set goals and track progress. Setting

How Much is a Referral Worth?

When it comes to finding new customers there is one method that beats all of the others. Referrals. Let’s examine why. Based on Trust A referral occurs when one person, who you know, like and trust, suggests that you do business with someone else that they know, like and trust. 

When you Need More Than an Umbrella

There is stormy weather coming. The media is full of dire predictions, and we are facing some uncertainty in our economy and political landscape. For the busy business owner, it can be more to worry about. I would like to propose a solution to weathering the storm of uncertainty.  Become

10 Ways to Struggle as a Business Owner

When I talk to business owners, I always ask about their successes first.  Then we turn to the challenges.  I have heard a number of struggles, excuses, obstacles, and doubts. Here are my top 10 ways to struggle as a business owner. 1. Winging It Think about what happens when

Running on Autopilot

There are things that we do every day that we do not even think about. We make our morning coffee or tea, check the weather, drive to work. Then there are the things that we have to stop and think about before we can do them – ordering supplies, making

The Power of Peer Groups to Grow Your Business

The one thing that the pandemic reinforced is the value of peers.  We need interaction with other people.  There are times when we need their support, and to get some motivation.  We also know the value we receive when we give support and recognition. Our peers not only support us,

Read a Good Book Recently?

Boooks, podcasts, TED Talks, webinars, workshops, articles – the opportunities for learning are endless.  So how do you choose, and more importantly, how do you apply what you have learned?

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