Who are you now?

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There has been a lot of talk, and rightly so, about pivoting our businesses in response to the changes that COVID-19 has required to survive and thrive.  We have been busy reshaping our businesses, our marketing messages, our systems and protocols, etc.  Yet, how many of us have taken the time to stop and think about ourselves – what are you doing to pivot YOU?

In order to succeed long term in the both the COVID and post-COVID worlds, you need to pivot not just your business, but your whole IDENTITY.  Long term, sustainable results will only come when you personally have made the full identity shift that is as necessary as everything you do in your business.  Here’s why this is so important.

To start with, your Identity is like an Iceberg, 80% of it is hidden inside of us, not visible to others.  The parts that are above the proverbial waterline are our Behaviors – the Actions we take  and the Decisions we make to get the Results we want.  COVID survival requires changing our Actions and Decisions, which often requires going below the waterline.

The first part of your identity that is below the waterline is your Skills and Knowledge.  To survive in this new world, you will likely need to master some new skills – video conferencing for networking, marketing and even sales calls; digital marketing; social media marketing.  You will need to acquire new knowledge about CDC guidelines, cleaning protocols, social distancing, etc…

Once you have the Skills, you may need to develop some new or modified Beliefs – you CAN close sales via video conference; you CAN shift from on-site to delivery; you CAN deliver your services virtually; you CAN manage a team working from their homes.  Many business owners struggle believing they can run and thrive with these new tools and constraints, and so they struggle.  What do you currently believe that is limiting your success? What do you have to do to Believe you CAN?

Deeper than Skills and Beliefs are our Values.  They are harder to change, but the COVID crisis, combined with the social justice unrest have led many to evaluate their Values and modify or clarify them.  I know I have.

Lastly there is your Identity – who you see when you look in the mirror.  Are you identifying as a victim of COVID, a survivor or a thriver?  What you tell yourself about yourself is the biggest factor in your success and the current challenges make this even more important than ever. If you need help coming up with the New Identity for yourself and your business we are offering 10 hours per week of free coaching sessions to help you figure it out.  You can request yours here.


Who are you now?