Spring – The Time to Grow Your Business

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Spring is the season of new beginnings.  As the trees bud, it is a great time for you to start some new growth of your business.  Last Spring was marked by confusion and uncertainty.  This Spring we are all feeling hopeful, so share messages of renewal and hope with your customers.

Spring is a great time to freshen up your message.  Now is the time to clear the dust on your website, give it a fresh look and add new content. A lot has changed in the past year. Regular updates to your online presence will let customers know you are ready for them.

Use this season to breathe new life into your existing offerings.  Look at your top 3 selling products or services.  How can you highlight the advantages of each in a new light? Tie your message into the season.  “Spring is the time to freshen up your ______.” Fill in the blank – your hair, your look, your website, your dog, your yard, your kitchen, your signs.  You get the idea. Maybe a new offer is what will motivate your customers to buy from you.

Bring Spring into your content.  Know what your customers care about during the season, then tie your message into that.  For example, a fitness facility or professional might do a social media post featuring locally grown produce, or ways to get outdoors as a family.   

Spring is a season of holidays such as Earth Day, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day.  Sprinkle in graduations and World No Tobacco Day (May 31st), and you have a plethora of marketing opportunities. Take advantage of these holidays with special messages and promotions.

Many of us do a thorough Spring Cleaning on our homes.  Take some time to declutter your office or workspace.  Organize your desk and files, situate your PC and monitors so you can work efficiently and comfortably. Having a clean, uncluttered workspace can make you feel refreshed and ready for the growth coming your way.

This is also the time to clean and organize your In Box. If you have never read that newsletter, unsubscribe.  Purge old calendar invites and emails that are not useful.  Create a folder structure and organize your emails.  Train yourself to move emails into the correct folder so you can easily find what you need. This includes moving Sent items into the folder that applies.  I create a folder for each client.  Every email received or sent to that client goes into that folder.  Archive folders that are no longer active.

While you are at it, clean out and organize your digital files.  Create and fill specific folders for projects or customers. You will be rewarded with easy access to what you need without scrolling through hundreds of documents and spreadsheets.

Need help staying organized? Invest in a planner or app that will help manage your To Do List, set reminders, and connect to your calendar.

As long as you are dusting things off, revisit your business plan.  Keep your plan fresh and relevant, celebrating accomplishments, adding new goals, adjusting others. Have you changed what products you are offering? Are you targeting a new market? Make sure that is reflected in your plan.

Spring is the season of growth, for you and for your business.  Plant some seeds, then be ready to reap the benefits of growth. Taking a fresh approach to your marketing message will grab your customers’ attention. Fresh content will spur new ways to use your products and services.  Creating new habits to keep you and your business organized will bear the fruits of more efficiency throughout the year. 

Ready to get started? Book your free Business Strategy Session today, or email me at sandymerritt@actioncoach.com.

Happy Spring!



Author: Sandy Merritt, Business Coach in Louisville, KY


Spring – The Time to Grow Your Business