Dealing with Unexpected Change

Unexpected changes happen to people and businesses all of the time. When faced with change, the quality of your response determines the future of your team and your business. When the unexpected happens, it is important that you be able to adapt and respond quickly. Some of the sources of

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Implementing Change in Your Business

One of the frequent topics that comes up with clients is their frustration in getting their teams to embrace the changes in their businesses.  As we all know, the last few years have brought about multiple significant changes in the business environment, and looking forward there will continue to be

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Turn Your Knowledge into Results

Most of us have had the experience of reading a great book, listening to a podcast or going to an in-person workshop and being very excited about all of the new concepts we have learned. But what happens when you return to the office and the pressure of your fast-paced

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Adopting a Learning Mindset

One of my favorite tag lines at the end of my 60 second elevator pitch is “If you want to Earn more, you need to Learn more”.  I learned many years ago was that I am the only limit on my business – the more I learn, the more I

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Avoiding Unnecessary Complications in Your Business

To quote George Gershwin, “Summertime, And the livin’ is easy.” Or is it? Many times when I ask a business owner to describe their business or challenges, the answer I get is “It’s complicated.”  If you want a less complicated business, and therefore a less complicated day, here are some

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Are You Easy To Do Business With?

Now that it is summertime, I have once again discovered things I need to replace or have serviced due to the summer heat.  This means I am spending a lot of time online, looking at the websites of several different service and product suppliers for my needs.  Something that really

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Take a Step Back for a Giant Leap Forward

I’ve been doing a lot of networking lately, and I talk to a lot of business owners who don’t actually own a business, they just own a JOB!  And worse, their job and their employees actually own them! The theme that jumped out of every conversation is that when things got

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It’s Vacation Time! Is that Good or Bad?

As we enter the summer season, we also hit the official start of vacation season, and that can bring up a whole array of emotions and stressors in a business.  Over the years I’ve heard all kinds of reasons and excuses from business owners blaming vacation season for this problem

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Keeping Your Focus this Summer

It’s finally summer! Time to enjoy sunshine, picnics, sports, and maybe even a vacation – unless you are a business owner who needs to keep the business running.  If you find yourself more distracted during the summer months, you are not alone. So let’s talk about some ways to maintain

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