Are You Easy To Do Business With?

Now that it is summertime, I have once again discovered things I need to replace or have serviced due to the summer heat.  This means I am spending a lot of time online, looking at the websites of several different service and product suppliers for my needs.  Something that really sticks out to me is the different approaches that the various websites take. Some seem to be all about the company and others seem to be all about the prospect. Some are simple and clear and some are full of bells and whistles.

When it comes to your online presence, there are a lot of options for website layout and design, for digital ads, and for communicating what you want to communicate to your prospects and customers.  The most important thing of all is to make it easy for your prospects and customers to buy from you. 

Here are my Top 3 Tips for simplifying your approach and getting more customers.

1 – Make your website all about your customers and their needs, not about you. 

Make it clear that you understand their needs and frustrations, that you are here for them, and that you are a safe choice to work with.  Help them “see themselves” and their needs on your site.  If I have to work hard to figure out if you sell what I need, then I will pass on you and go to the next option in my search.

2 – Educate your visitors on working with your industry, help them understand the difference between you and your competition. 

Teach them how to select the right service/product provider for their specific needs.  Have a robust FAQ section which answers the real questions that people ask you about working with your industry – be a trusted resource.

3 – Make sure it is easy to select you, to purchase from you, to schedule an appointment with you, or whatever the logical next step will be. 

Too often I find something I am looking for and then I have to hunt around trying to figure out the next steps.  Your potential customers don’t want to have to work a lot to buy from you, so make sure it is as easy and obvious as possible to take the appropriate next step.  Nothing is more frustrating than having to navigate around a site trying to figure out how to schedule an appointment or select a product. 

If you would like some help simplifying your message to your customers and prospects, let’s schedule a 30 minute review of your website to discuss what I see when I look at it from an outsider’s perspective.

Author: Mark McNulty, Business Coach in Louisville, KY

Are You Easy To Do Business With?