Attracting Abundance to your Business

As you look back on 2023, you may find that not everything went according to plan. We have been faced with many challenges – inflation, staffing issues, and supply chain backups, to name a few. If your bottom line isn’t where you want it to be, it’s time for a different approach in 2024, attracting abundance to your business. 

Get Your Thoughts on the Right Track

It starts with an abundance mindset. Leave negative thoughts and words in the storeroom. Believe in yourself, your business, your team and your goals. Use affirmations and positive statements that you will attract customers and abundance to your business. Remove any phrases with a negative slant (“Yes but…”, “That won’t work,” “We can’t because…”) and replace them with forward thinking, constructive ones (“How can we make it work?”, “What if…”, “When we get that contract…”)

Leave your fears behind with the negative thoughts and words you left in the storeroom. Be open to learning and trying new things. If you stick with how you have always done things, you can expect the same results that you have always gotten. When you are open to new opportunities you will be rewarded.

Acknowledge the Good

Acknowledging your successes is another way to help reinforce a positive outlook and give you the boost you need to keep pursuing your goals. Belief in abundance starts with recognizing the good things that surround you no matter how large or small they may be.

Take time to be grateful for what you already have. Let your employees, customers, and family know that you appreciate them. Gratitude opens you up to new opportunities for abundance.

Remember Your Vision

What does abundance mean to you? Be specific about your vision of abundance so you can focus your actions to make it happen. It might be increased revenues, hiring the right people, or focusing on innovation. The clearer your intention the more likely you are to make it happen.

Make Sure Your Foundation is Solid

Before you focus on growth or change, take a practical look at where your business stands today. Are there areas that need your attention? Make sure you have a solid foundation before you try to grow or make changes. If you are struggling to meet demand now, what happens when your sales double? Quality and consistency are essential for success.

Be the best at what you do. Go beyond your customers’ expectations with exceptional quality and service. Value is more important than price for retaining customers. Be the expert. I willingly pay a little more for something at my local hardware store because of the advice and service that I get. The time they save me is worth far more than the dollar I would save at the big box store.

Find Your Focus

Set realistic, applicable goals. Many entrepreneurs have hundreds of wonderful ideas. Narrow your focus to what you can achieve, and what will move you and your business forward. Create a plan and stick to it. Don’t get distracted by that shiny object that looks like it is more fun than doing your monthly accounting.

Build Relationships

Reach out to other business owners in your industry and in your community. What can you build together? How can you help each other? Having a referral network brings you quality leads. Referring business to trusted partners builds your value and credibility. Building and maintaining those relationships takes time; however, the effort pays handsome dividends. 

Practice generosity. People who give of their time and resources to causes or groups that they connect with will tell you that they get back far more than they give. Giving to others attracts abundance back to you and your business. 

Attracting abundance to your business is not an accident. It takes a positive mindset, vision, realistic goals, building relationships, persistence, and having solid business practices. Receiving abundance is more than just being optimistic. While it takes some work and belief in yourself and your business, the results can be amazing.

I wish you great abundance in 2024!

Author: Sandy Merritt, Business Coach in Louisville, KY

Attracting Abundance to your Business