Continuing to Move Forward

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I am listening to many people who are struggling to focus right now. The challenge of working remotely, disrupted schedules, and the demands of caring and schooling children have been stressful for many.  Add the regular occurrences we call “life,” (blocked toilets, flat tires, running out of milk) and you have the makings for a distracted mind.

So how do you keep moving forward?  One step at a time.  First, set priorities.  What absolutely needs to be done each day? Identify what is important and what is urgent.  Break down the projects in front of you into small pieces that will take less time. If concentrating on one thing for two hours is not realistic right now, try 20-30 minute blocks of time. Being able to see some progress will help with your motivation. 

Start scheduling virtual meetings to start at 5 or 10 minutes after the hour.  Give yourself a few minutes between meetings to get up and move, get some water, and check in on your family. That few minutes may be all that you need to reset your focus.

Still getting stuck? It’s easy to move onto another thought or task when we encounter a challenge.   Instead, try phoning a friend.  When you get to a roadblock, reach out to a co-worker.  Agree to help each other stay on track. Often, just talking out loud about an obstacle allows you to find a solution.

When you feel overwhelmed, take a few minutes to recall what you have accomplished, personally and professionally during these strange times.  None of us have a handbook for running a business and family during a pandemic. Take it one step at a time.

And call on your business coach to help keep you moving forward.


Continuing to Move Forward