Get Your Business Summer Ready

Spring is the time of year that nature gets ready for the hot, sunny weather to come. The sun is starting to shine more and there is plenty of new growth all around us. It is also a good time for you to get your business ready for a busy time of year.

Warmer weather often brings an increase in spending so make plans now to be ready. Take a look at past years’ performance, this year’s offerings and staffing and take steps now to give your customers great products and services.

Look Back

Historical data can offer great insights. Was there a month where you saw a spike or dip in sales? What promotions were successful in driving sales?  Which one did not bring in results? Did you see an increase in new customers last year? What brought them in? Was there a product that just didn’t sell?

Learning from past data is a great place to start. Offer and promote those top sellers from past summers.

Look Forward

In the south and mid-south, where we are already using our air conditioners, we know to get them checked and serviced in April. You don’t wait for the July heat. Give your business that same attention so you are ready for the heat!

Be sure to budget for additional staffing and inventory. Chances are some of your staff will want vacation time over the summer. Ask about their plans now and set up a schedule so you have adequate staff coverage or make arrangements for temporary help. If you know certain items sell more in the warmer months get additional inventory on order now.

Plan Promos

Promotions that are geared towards summer activities and merchandise are a great way to drive more sales. People are already planning their summer activities and how they will be spending their money. Rather than discounts, think about products or services that you can bundle together for a better value to the customer.

Seasonal offerings are just as successful in the summer as they are for the winter holidays. Summer is about fun, so get colorful and creative. Even if you don’t sell seasonal merchandise, you can offer a special on services. Tax planning, real estate assessments and insurance reviews can all be marketed with a seasonal spin. It is important to keep your customers’ attention all year. You can use seasonal slogans to promote products and services, even if they are the same as what you offer year-round.

Be Prepared

Summer weather can mean severe storms and disruptions to your business. Have emergency plans in place so you are prepared when the unexpected happens. Now is a good time to review your insurance coverages. It is also wise to check your physical and cyber security. Unfortunately, criminals do not take summer vacations. Share all contingency plans with your staff so that they know what to do to keep things running smoothly.

Update your Look

Refresh your space with brighter colors and themes. This can be your physical space or your online presence. Give people a reason to visit. This means adding content to your website and social media as well as adding new things to your physical space.


Summer is not a time to slow down. Make it easy for customers to buy from you. Check that your offerings are easy to find and simple to purchase. Get rid of old inventory so that you can carry the things your customers are looking to buy. Evaluate your processes to optimize them for the customer, and for your staff.

Summer can be a great time to refresh, retool, and optimize your business for profitability. Spring preparations can lead to huge yields in the coming months, so take time now to make it a fun and successful summer for you, your team, and your business.

Author: Sandy Merritt, Business Coach in Louisville, KY

Get Your Business Summer Ready