An Introvert’s Guide to Marketing

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You are a business owner – congratulations! When you got started you had plenty of referrals from friends and neighbors, which was great.  Those jobs are done, so now what?

It’s time for you to sell yourself and your business.  Yes, you.  You need to talk to people about your business.  Yes, you.

How do You Get the Word Out?

Start with your existing customers. Do they know everything that you can do for them, all your products and services? In your next email blast, offer special deals for returning customers.    If you have not already done so, ask for reviews and referrals. 

Next, turn to social media.  Update your website and Facebook pages. It’s time to write a blog and record a video to post on your social media and website.  Yes, you.  Who else is the expert?

Facebook is really promoting videos.  It is a great way to talk to people without having to face a live audience.  Very few of us actually like to be on camera or can talk and hold the camera still as we walk the dog.  Start with recorded videos. Write the script and have it next to the camera so it appears that you are looking at the camera while you speak.  Be authentic and share your knowledge.  “Hi! Today I want to show you the latest gifts we have for everyone on your list!”

Remember, you do not have to be on camera the whole time.  Show off your products or your store. Feature products that your best customers buy regularly. 

Extend Your Reach

With the pandemic, networking has changed.  In a way it is easier.  Joining a Zoom call full of strangers from your kitchen is not nearly as daunting as walking into a room full of strangers and introducing yourself.  Practice your introduction and your 30-60 second commercial for your business.  Look for Meet Ups, Chamber of Commerce events, and industry specific networking groups. 

Keep the message, and your attitude, positive. Be the expert – people need what you have to offer.

Selling does not have to be scary, even for an introvert.  Need more ideas? Contact your Action Coach today to get started.  Yes, you!


An Introvert’s Guide to Marketing