Point of Power

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Your Power Starts with a Decision

Every single day, multiple times a day, we are faced with a decision to make.  The decisions which need to be made come in different colors, shapes and sizes, yet many of them all have a common foundation to them.  Despite the fact that many decisions seem dissimilar, in reality there is a fundamental underlying decision that goes along with the more obvious surface level decision.  I call this fundamental Decision the Point of Power, and it is truly liberating when you understand how to wield it.

There are Six Fundamental Behaviors/Thoughts we can choose from every day, three of which are negative and keep us from achieving our goals, and three of which are powerfully positive and lead us to where we want to go.  We need to teach ourselves to recognize when the decision we are making involves one of these behaviors/thoughts.  The Point of Power is that Decision point where we choose to move forward or we choose to lag behind.

The three negative behaviors are Blaming others for your failings, making Excuses or giving Reasons why you didn’t do or achieve what you should have, and Denial that there is even a problem in your business or life.

The three behaviors/thoughts that move us forward are: Being Responsible, Being Accountable and Taking Ownership.  Being Responsible is all about doing what we know we need to do, no matter how hard.  Being Accountable is about getting the results or outcomes we commit to, and Taking Ownership means being all in, 110%, owning your business, your job, your life. 

Making the Decision to move forward gives you Power, the power to succeed, to push through, to achieve more than you ever felt possible.  Choose wisely, use the leverage of the Point of Power to overcome whatever obstacle is in front of you.

Author: Mark McNulty, Louisville Business Coach


Point of Power