Ready to Grow Your Profits? Join the club!

ProfitCLUB is weekly group for profit building through business education, networking, and peer-to-peer coaching for owners and professionals to grow their businesses.

Build your knowledge, build your business, build your profit!

ProfitCLUB is a group where like-minded business owners can learn profit-building strategies, interact with their peers, and get real-time feedback. You will learn from each other, discuss business plans, successes and challenges. This is the place for emerging business owners and managers to hone their skills and build a network.

ProfitCLUB Business Growth

By joining your local ProfitCLUB, you’re taking a important step by connecting with like-minded business people who will help you to grow your business. Plus, you’ll get profit-building education that you can put into action.

In each session, you’ll learn the details of one new business growth strategy and how to apply it, while also brainstorming with other business owners about your challenges.

The program serves a wide range of industry categories. We’ve worked with soloprenuers and team leaders in insurance, real estate, retail, skilled trades, finance, IT, and many more. We all face similar challenges and can use the same profit-building strategies.

You will be coached to implement strategies for…




   Team Development

   Systems & Operations


Each club typically meets for 60 minutes per week.
30 minute education video
30 minute roundtable

Your investment: $95 per week

To get started, schedule a 15 minute call with Coach Sandy Merritt to see if ProfitCLUB is the right fit for you, and which club meeting times are available…