6 Tips to Spring Clean Your Business

The goal of spring cleaning is to refresh and revitalize.

As we come to the end of Q1, now is a great time to refresh and revitalize your business.

Here are six spring cleaning ideas:

1. Assess your Inventory

What old or obsolete inventory or services are you carrying – what can you sell or drop to make room for new stock?  Do you need to reorganize your inventory storage area to make it easier to find the most commonly sold products or most used materials? Clean the storage area, clean up the books, free up dead money (old slow/not moving inventory).

2. Freshen up your Space

What kind of environment do you want your team members and yourself to work in? Whether customers will see it or not, you want to provide yourself and your team members with a quality work environment. If you are like me, the past 12 months have resulted in piles where piles never existed before. Now is a great time to go through them.

3. Your Inbox

Go through your email inbox and clean out those 100s of emails that are clogging things up and making it harder to find the important emails. Less junk email = fewer missed important emails.

4. Your Calendar

Take a look at how you’ve been spending your time vs. how you SHOULD be spending your time and make the adjustments on your default calendar.  Remove the non-value-added activities and make room for more value-added meetings and activities.

5. Your Team

Do you have the people on your team in the right place, with meaningful goals and assignments?  Does everyone have KPIs and know what is expected of them?  Do you have any underperformers that need to be reviewed? Do you have any overperformers that are ready for more?  Revisit your Organization Chart, position descriptions and performance measures – make sure they are current and well understood by the whole team.

6. Your Offerings

Are your products and services up to date with the needs of the market?  Are your website, social media and other marketing media up to date?  What might need a refresh to make it more timely?  

If you need help getting your business out of hibernation, contact me and let’s take a fresh look.

Author: Mark McNulty, Business Coach in Louisville, KY

6 Tips to Spring Clean Your Business