4 Tips for Consistent Customer Service

A few weeks ago we went out for brunch with family and had a surprisingly bad customer service experience.  They seated us at a table and said they were a little short-handed but would be with us ASAP.  More than 15 minutes went by with not a single server even

Where Can I Find More Time?

“I just don’t have enough time to get everything done.” I hear that a lot.  Maybe you have said it yourself.  Time is a finite thing.  You get 1440 minutes each day. So how can you use your time to get more done and be more effective? Start Your Morning Off

A New Look at Planning

If you are in business, you’ve probably been asked about your business plan and goals a hundred times. We all know we should be planning, and we’ve probably all read the same books with sayings like “start with the end in mind” and “failing to plan is planning to

You Can’t Fake Integrity

We do business and socialize with people that we know, like and trust. It’s that simple. We do not associate with someone that we fear, or who we know is dishonest. That is why integrity is important in both our personal and professional lives.
Integrity goes to the

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The Southern No

Is there anything quite as frustrating in sales as the “Southern No”. I am sure even if you have not heard of this you have seen it in your pursuit of a sale. It is the “Maybe Laters” and the “Definitely next Months” all the while you set your follow-ups

Lessons from Mom

What lessons did you learn from your mom, and how have you applied that to your life as a business leader? We took time to reflect on that question recently, and realized that our moms have helped us in ways we had never really considered before.

4 Keys to Sell More Without Selling

If you are like me, you hate pushy salespeople and you hate being sold to. I don’t know who trains these people, but they are clearly doing it wrong. Now on the other hand, I actually buy quite a bit, so there are salespeople and companies doing it

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Are Your Customers More Loyal Than Your Employees

Every business owner understands the value of loyalty and we strive to keep our customers happy so that they come back to do business with us. It is a rare business owner who is the only person that interacts with customers, so my question is, have you built that

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Testing and Measuring: The Key to Success

Testing and Measuring: The Key Rule There we have it, the magic pill for marketing!! Wouldn’t that be incredible? The fact is that we have no idea what the PERFECT marketing strategy is because there are so many variables, so many avenues and even more advice. That is why Testing

The 5 P’s of Prospecting

It is the vicious cycle of business that you always need to be prospecting to reach profit goals. Prospecting and lead generation can be daunting and draining, but the 5 P’s of Prospecting can help you stay motivated and on track!

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Where Are Your Profits?

“Where did the money go?” You don’t need to be a CPA to track where your money, and your profits have gone. For many businesses there are costly leaks in the flow of money .Fortunately, leaks are preventable and fixable. So where are they?

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Fear of Failure

So how do we overcome this completely natural feeling/fear? Well, my coach and international speaker Traci Duez taught me that when feelings and emotions get in the way of our actions (and therefore our results), we need to take a step back and examine the THOUGHT that preceded the

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