Business Owners Speak Out – 19th Edition

Featured in this edition:
Headz Salon, Tony Williamson
Keyes Architects, Charles Keyes
Aloft Louisville East, Lesli Schaffer
Awards Center, Jason Malone
Crawford Entertainment Systems, Gene Crawford
Dages Paint Company, Anne Dages
Webster Environmental Associates, Bruce Koetter

Showing the Love to Your Biggest Fans

When it comes to growing our businesses, we all know that Word of Mouth is often one of the best sources of leads and new clients, we all know that warm fuzzy feeling when a prospect calls or drops in and says “Mary told me to talk to you”.

Business Owners Speak Out – 18th Edition

Featured in this edition: Louisville Vegan Jerky Co. – Stanley Chase, Muth’s Candies – Martha Vories, Holiday Manor Barber Shop – Cathy French, Margaret’s Consignment – Cara Aldridge, Uncommon Cups & Cones – Kim Barbour, Ken Combs Running Store – Larry Holt, Morgan Security Services – Janice Morgan, and

This Year I Resolve to….

We have all made this statement, filling in the blank with various resolutions: exercise more, lose 10 pounds, stop smoking, call Mom more often. At this point in January, 80% of us have abandoned these lofty goals. For some, that is a relief.

Business Owners Speak Out – 17th Edition

A collection of short interviews with local business owners about today’s challenges. Featured in this edition: Everyday Athletes, Diversified Nurse Consultants, Peggy’s Place Adult Life Center, Kentucky Association of Health Care Facilities, Mixed Nation, Farley Printing, Breakout Creative, Changes Hair Salon, S.E.C. Custom Computers, and Waterfront Botanical Gardens.

Sharing the Roadmap

I dread hearing the phrase “Oh, I forgot to tell you….”
A few years ago, a sales rep asked that I join him on a sales meeting with a hot prospect. I got up very early for a pre-dawn flight. Hungry and tired, I arrived at the customer’s

New Year, New Budget

At last week’s 90 Day Planning Workshop, several of our clients and other business owners shared their frustrations about getting their teams on board to achieving the goals they set. We talked about this a little bit and I realized that they were missing a critical piece of Goal

Refreshing the Culture of Your Business

There are very few businesses that have not been impacted by the events of 2020. For most of us, the way we work and often where we work is different than it was a year ago. The same is true for our employees. Your culture is the foundation

Planning for Success Step 4 – You!

As we wrap up the year, I look back, like many of you, with mixed feelings. 2020 was challenging in many ways, most of them new challenges, things we’ve never had to contemplate before. Many of you succeeded, yet even success was stressful, as we had to grow

Planning for Success Step 3 – Create Your Goals

No surprise, a lot of businesses missed their goals this year, but would it surprise you to know that many also exceeded theirs? Some were fortunate enough to be in industries that thrived in the current business environment, others simply looked at where the marketplace moved to and moved

Planning for Success Step 2 – Create a Budget

When I talk to business owners wrapping up their years, one of the biggest areas of disappointment and stress is their company’s financial performance. Most had at least a rough budget, yet most hardly looked at the budget or replanned it when circumstances changed. They didn’t do enough monitoring

Planning for Success Step 1 – Self Assessment

As I got several of my clients off to a great start on their 2021 Annual Plans, I had a long talk with them about the shortcomings in some of their previous plans. They all agreed that they didn’t do enough looking inside their business and themselves in their

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