10 Ways to Struggle as a Business Owner

When I talk to business owners, I always ask about their successes first.  Then we turn to the challenges.  I have heard a number of struggles, excuses, obstacles, and doubts. Here are my top 10 ways to struggle as a business owner. 1. Winging It Think about what happens when

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The Challenges of Success

One of the biggest challenges you’ll face when growing your business is your Success!  Yes, that very goal we achieved has now created your biggest challenge.  While success is fun, often exhilarating, it also comes with its own set of new challenges.  In the early growth stages of a business,

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Running on Autopilot

There are things that we do every day that we do not even think about. We make our morning coffee or tea, check the weather, drive to work. Then there are the things that we have to stop and think about before we can do them – ordering supplies, making

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18 Tips from 18 Years

Musings from a Hall of Fame Business Coach Wow, it is hard to believe that it has been 18 years since I started as an ActionCOACH!  Like every new business venture, the journey has been filled with ups and downs along the way, but the Vision has only gotten bigger

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The Power of Peer Groups to Grow Your Business

The one thing that the pandemic reinforced is the value of peers.  We need interaction with other people.  There are times when we need their support, and to get some motivation.  We also know the value we receive when we give support and recognition. Our peers not only support us,

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Success through Learning

A couple months ago I wrote about the 5 Steps to Success, and how they all come together to improve the results you get from your planning.  The 3rd step, LEARN, is the most often overlooked or poorly implemented step on entrepreneur’s road to success. The Myth Many of you

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Read a Good Book Recently?

Boooks, podcasts, TED Talks, webinars, workshops, articles – the opportunities for learning are endless.  So how do you choose, and more importantly, how do you apply what you have learned?

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Do You Really Have Great Customer Service?

One of my first questions to a business owner is, “Why would someone buy from you and not your competitor?” The number one answer is, “We have great customer service.” I hope that is true, and that there are other differentiating factors as well. So, what is Great Customer Service?

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4 Tips for Consistent Customer Service

A few weeks ago we went out for brunch with family and had a surprisingly bad customer service experience.  They seated us at a table and said they were a little short-handed but would be with us ASAP.  More than 15 minutes went by with not a single server even

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Where Can I Find More Time?

“I just don’t have enough time to get everything done.” I hear that a lot.  Maybe you have said it yourself.  Time is a finite thing.  You get 1440 minutes each day. So how can you use your time to get more done and be more effective? Start Your Morning Off

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A New Look at Planning

If you are in business, you’ve probably been asked about your business plan and goals a hundred times. We all know we should be planning, and we’ve probably all read the same books with sayings like “start with the end in mind” and “failing to plan is planning to

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You Can’t Fake Integrity

We do business and socialize with people that we know, like and trust. It’s that simple. We do not associate with someone that we fear, or who we know is dishonest. That is why integrity is important in both our personal and professional lives.
Integrity goes to the

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